Genderqueer Feminism: transcript from a panel on trans*

I recently had the opportunity to speak at a panel on trans* organised by Gender & Sexuality Talks London, alongside Leng Montgomery, Paris Lees and Campbell X. We all had a great evening, and it was good to see ample opportunity for audience participation in the discussion. Here is a transcript of my speech:   … Continue reading

‘Masculist’ Myth Busting – A Primer in Patriarchy

This week men’s rights activists (MRAs) attempted to draw attention to their cause and promote ‘masculism’ (the antidote to feminism, they believe) by getting #INeedMasculismBecause, a play on the feminist viral campaign, trending on Twitter. In that, they succeeded, yet it rather spectacularly backfired as many feminists used this to parody and portray the contradictions … Continue reading

Dildo Dilemma – The Paradox of Female Masturbation

Once again, social researchers have been grappling with the The Debate That Refuses To Die, that is, ‘Do men really have higher sex drives than women?’ Whilst this recent contribution, to its credit, acknowledges the complexities and reliability of survey evidence when people’s understanding, experiences and means of expressing their sexual desires have been strongly … Continue reading

Queries on Queer Femininity

There are many ways to be femme, but where do we draw the boundaries? In recent years there has been an increased prevalence of DFAB (designated female at birth) genderqueer and trans* people who identify as femme. Whether they had been femme women pre-transition, or later came to understand themselves as such alongside their realisation … Continue reading